Monday, December 1, 2014

Not That Kind of Girl

Not That Kind of Girl
Lena Dunham

I'm not sure(like always) what to make of this book. I read it pretty quickly without stopping much. I don't consider myself a fan of Lena Dunham, I've always wanted to be. I was so excited when Girls came out because I thought "here is this girl who isn't particularly attractive and she's not skinny. She's supposed to be funny, so maybe we'll have some things in common." That, of course, is not the case. I think the only things we have in common are that we're fat and not that attractive. I don't particularly find her funny, I guess a lot of people do. I thought that she did a lot of whining and usually her life ended up pretty good. So aka we didn't have much in common (I guess I whine a lot though).
The book, however, was excellent. Maybe not excellent, I don't know. I liked it. I think the only thing that bothered me was the fact that she threw in big words with little sentences. And also that 90% of her stories were about having sex and the like. I can't relate with that and it almost felt as if she was bragging. Like "I'm not that attractive, but I have a lot of sex stories. I'll force you to read them all".
She is a good writer, I have to give her that. There was a lot of controversy about her molesting her sister. I think that's nonsense and just people trying to put her down for no reason. People making a mountain out of a molehill, you know.

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