Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Good Luck Of Right Now

I read this book a few days ago, and I wasn't too impressed. I read Silver Linings Playbook and I really really enjoyed that and this book is by the same author. The writing was decent, I liked the characters... It was the plot that threw me. It was almost like Matthew Quick (author) pitched this idea and for some reason the publishing company said "brilliant, go for it" and then he tried to start writing and realized it was a lame plot. 
Basically it's a guy who has a low IQ and lives with his mother who passes away. The mother takes care of him and the two are really close. There are a few other characters but only one is worth mentioning, Max ( I think that's his name, I can't remember). Max is great. Max is in grief counseling or anger management or something because his cat died. Max says "fuck" a lot. And I like to imagine his energy like Craig in Parks and Recreation and we all know how much I like him. 

I don't think this book is worth reading. Or I just really liked Silver Linings Playbook and this book isn't even remotely as good.  I had high expectations for the author. 

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