Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pretty Little Killers

Pretty Little Killers

So I've never really been one for true crime books, actually this is the first one I've ever read. I don't even think I've ever been interested in murders/kidnappings and whatnot when they've been on the news. The closest I've been to being interested is when Joran Van Der Sloot killed those two girls, mostly because I thought he was one of the most attractive men I've ever seen. Anyway, this one is not even a good crime, I'm just obsessed.

It started when I was getting my hair done about two weeks ago. I was in the processing stage with my color and I was reading an old issue of People. There was an excerpt from the book along with an article about the background on the case. Basically it's this (not to spoil it for anyone): Three friends; Skylar, Shelia and Rachel. They all became friends some way or another and they were a trio of "BFF's" as they were referred to. Shelia was like the ring leader, Rachel was there and poor little Skylar was the innocent virgin who wanted to look cool. So Shelia and Rachel were, possibly, lovers, and Skylar found out..threatened them on Twitter and what not, eluding to outing their relationship. So they picked her up in the middle of the night under the guise of a "joyride", took her into the woods and stabbed her to death. They were too lazy to dig a hole,  or too weak or stupid, so they just buried her body under some rocks and leaves. Sadly, they got away with it for 6 months. The cops in this case seem like novices, but they never even solve the case. Rachel has a mental breakdown and confesses everything, leads them to the body, eventually goes to jail. She outs Shelia, too. Sheila goes to jail. The book kept saying it was a complicated case, it seems pretty simple to me. I guess as normal human beings, we can't understand why someone would kill someone because they "didn't want to be her friend anymore", which is what Rachel told authorities when she confessed. 

The week that I had to wait for the book to be transferred to my library and into my hands, I read everything I could on the case, so I knew all the details before I read the book. There isn't too much literature on it to begin with. I read all of Shelia's tweets. Like literally all of them. I didn't bother with Skylar, because while her story is tragic, she's not that interesting. Shelia is really messed up. Like Dexter or Patrick Bateman, but she's just dumb enough to involve someone else in her murder. I'm sure that's serial killer 101. Rookie mistake, Shelia. This girl didn't cry during the trial until she was sentenced. 

It's a really sad case because usually when kids are killed, it's an adult and it's easier to wrap your head around. Just the fact that they probably would've gotten away with it if Rachel didn't confess is really scary. Everyone knew that they were lying about being involved, but no one would ever think these girls killed her. 

As far as the actual book goes, it was horrible. The content was good because the case is pretty interesting. The structure of the book makes no sense the way it is laid out. They'll mention something about 30 times, like how Skylar's supporters wore purple but never mention why. Until the last chapter when you find out it's Skylar's favorite color. 

It is an interesting read though. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Alissa Nutting

I think I got past the initial shock of this book, I started to enjoy it for what it was. A modern day Lolita of sorts, however more distributing. The sex scenes were pretty vivid, which I wasn't expecting, but once I got past that, I thought it was a well written book. I picked it up because it was on a list that said if I liked American Psycho then I would like Tampa.
Essentially the plot is a pretty young teacher gets a job as an 8th grade English teacher and starts having an affair with a student, Jack. It's not a love story, I think that's why it's good. It is a story of a sociopath and she admits it.

Gone Girl

Gone Girl
Gillian Flynn

I'm still not sure how I feel about this book. I finished it earlier this week in about three days. So what that tells me is that I liked it. I read it in a fury until I neared the end. It got a little much for me.

My reaction to this book are as follows:
Hmm...this is good.
I need to read it so fast I need to know what happens.
Okay, no. Is this a joke?
Wow no way. Okay, really no no no.
Well.. I kind of get it.
Okay, seriously? SERIOUSLY what is happening?
Wow really?

This isn't something I want to ruin since some of you may see the movie, but that was my reaction to the book in order of how I felt it. I think I liked this book. The only thing that I didn't like was that it was predictable. At the initial moment when I read the "shocking" parts I was actually shocked. And then I thought about it and it started to make more sense and stop being ridiculous.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Good Luck Of Right Now

I read this book a few days ago, and I wasn't too impressed. I read Silver Linings Playbook and I really really enjoyed that and this book is by the same author. The writing was decent, I liked the characters... It was the plot that threw me. It was almost like Matthew Quick (author) pitched this idea and for some reason the publishing company said "brilliant, go for it" and then he tried to start writing and realized it was a lame plot. 
Basically it's a guy who has a low IQ and lives with his mother who passes away. The mother takes care of him and the two are really close. There are a few other characters but only one is worth mentioning, Max ( I think that's his name, I can't remember). Max is great. Max is in grief counseling or anger management or something because his cat died. Max says "fuck" a lot. And I like to imagine his energy like Craig in Parks and Recreation and we all know how much I like him. 

I don't think this book is worth reading. Or I just really liked Silver Linings Playbook and this book isn't even remotely as good.  I had high expectations for the author. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

This is Where I Leave You

This Is Where I Leave You
Johnathan Tropper

Thursday, October 2, 2014


Pete Wentz

When I started reading this book, part of me expected it to be horrible. I'm not sure why, but it's not like any of the celebrity memoirs that I've read have been "good reading material" exactly. I'm still not sure what this is, I'd say it's a memoir, but it's focused mainly on a relationship that he has with this girl from when he was in his early 20's. I thought it was pretty pathetic honestly. I just wanted him to get to the good stuff. The Ashlee Simpson stuff, the FOB stuff, the partying and the tours and the Patrick stuff. But there wasn't any of that. Maybe a dash here and there. I wasn't even entirely sure if this was his life, but I'm assuming it is. 
Like I said, the whole book revolves around how he feels about this girl, never refering to her with a name, only as "Her", capital H. Then you get to the end and you're laying in a ball of your own tears crying like you did when you read the part in Harry Potter when (spoiler alert) Snape died. It's pretty tragic and then you realize why the book was all about this girl. 
I don't know why I initially expected the book to be bad, he does write the FOB lyrics and I do love those. If I could stay focused this month, I'd have read the book in less than two days, but alas, maybe it's my mind, maybe it's the book. It took me over a week to finish. I'm glad I read it though. I sort of makes you feel about 20 different feelings. A lot of times it was eexcitementwhen he would talk about FOB and their success. That usually made me cry a bit. But I'm also a crazed fan.