Thursday, August 28, 2014

Will Grayson, Will Grayson

Will Grayson, Will Grayson
John Green and David Levithan

  I can't say that I particularly enjoyed this book all that much. Maybe it was just too YA for me. I do love some YA, but this just was too much. Too much weird teenage feelings. The kind of feelings where you want to kill someone or yourself and actually talking about it. I don't know. I mean, overall, it wasn't that bad. Clearly I liked it on some aspect because I finished it.
The plot was a bit bland. I'm sure that there was some big thought process to it as there were two authors writing this. The straight Will was alright. He was a little bit out of place. Like out of place, but not a loner, not a popular kid and not a kid that was floating. Just like random, I can't explain. I mean, he gets a girlfriend. So boring. Gay Will was just like the manifestation of the Emo Kid from the Adam and Andrew song from when we were in High School.
Over all, I'm sure there is a better book you could waste your time on.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Last Picture Show

The Last Picture Show
Larry McMurtry

My mom was reading the sequel to this book and told me to start the series. I don't generally like anything that my mom likes on principle, but she was the one who told me to read Valley of the Dolls and Shadow of the Dolls and I love both of those books so much. So, what else was I reading? Nothing.  It took me forever to find it at the library because I kept forgetting to request it and they don't have it at Shaler. So I went to a different library and just picked it up. I wasn't disappointed.

I started reading it and I wasn't very intrigued, I just kind of assumed that it would get better. I haven't been in the reading mood lately and I haven't been able to concentrate on one thing, so I figured that's why I didn't like it. Then, on the way home from vacation, I read most of it. About 90% and I still had at least 4.5 hours (out of 13) where I wasn't reading. So this book is not a hard read and can clearly be done in one or two sessions.

Overall, the characters were very bland to me. I guess the plot kept me going? It wasn't much of a plot, but there is a romance between an older woman and a high school boy, sort of like The Graduate but more depressing as the older woman has breast cancer. I liked the time period as well. Takes place in a rural Texas town in the 50's. I think that there were a lot of unnecessary characters and I would've liked for the author to develop a few of the other characters, but I think that there a bunch of books about Thaila (the town), so if I ever get around to reading them I'm sure I will be satisfied.