Saturday, May 10, 2014

Don't Worry, It Gets Worse

Don't Worry, It Gets Worse
Aldia Nugent

I have another horrible book to write about for you. Maybe I wouldn't have hated this book so much if I was 22 again. I believe that she is my age, but we seem to be in differnet phases of our lives. She's trying to be a writer and living in New York City and working in a retail shop for minimum wage. While I sometimes work in a retail shop for minimum wage, I cannot relate to anything else she says. She's not really an "adult". She's more of an adult in the way a college student thinks they're an adult because they pay rent and have a cable bill in their name. And, I mean, if that's the definition of adult then I'm a toddler. To me, being an adult is not saying you're an adult. Just being one. Not needing a pat on the back because you are struggling to live in a shitty apartment and some months you can't pay your cable bill, yet you're still getting by. That's not very adult-ish. But that's just my opinion. I'm the antithesis of an adult because I live at home for free, I don't cook any of my own meals and I only change my sheets when the corners start coming off. To me, that's just when they get so dirty they can't keep their shape. Time to change them, only if you're not too lazy that day though. 
Anyway, I think that I didn't like this book for several reasons. One reason being that it wasn't really a book of specific stories with a lot of detail it was more of a book of "one time I went to a party and ate some cheese" stories. I can only follow stories. I can't follow when people ramble on and give advice that I already know and don't follow. Like what do you know about life? Not much, little girl. She's the type of girl that thinks she is awesome because she plays Legends of Zelda and takes Xanax. Not like I have a problem with either of those things, it's just people who brag about it. The other thing I'm getting tired of is these girls that go to school for "creative writing" and such and consider themselves "writers" as a profession and then pen these "memoirs" (think I've used enough quotes in this sentence?) that are meaningless and petty. I think that if some celebrity writes a memoir about cute antidotes from their lives, that's fine. But stop saying you're such a good writer. Maybe you are, it seems that you have your commas in order and your grammar correct, but it seems like selling out to me. But that's just me. I'll keep reading them, so hopefully these girls keep writing them. 
Maybe I didn't really like the book because I can't relate. Also, I don't like the author's picture. I don't like thinking about this girl going out and doing things with a bow-tie. Bow-ties should be reserved for adorable, slightly chubby guys with red beards and plaid shirts. Or adorable dark haired boys in tuxes at a wedding. That's it. 

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