Monday, March 17, 2014

The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides
Jeffery Eugendies

I believe I tried to read this book a year or so ago and didn't get very far. I can't remember why, but I don't understand.  While this book does start off pretty slowly and it's sort of an odd plot, everything else about the book was so good. The thing I liked the most about it was the fact that it was 100% third party perspective. I haven't ready many books like this, but I was really intrigued. 
The plot: If you were obsessed with Josh Hartnett and Kirsten like I was back in the early 2000's, then you've seen this movie...or if you're a Sophia Coppola fan. If you're neither, and you're my age, you probably haven't seen it. Anyway, I'm in the mood to type so I'm just going to go through with the plot.  There is a family of 5 girls, the Lisbon's, Therese, Bonnie, Mary, Lux and Cecelia. Her parents aren't super religious (they go to church on the regular, but it doesn't appear they're the Duggar's or anything), but they don't let the girls date or see boys or wear revealing clothing. This takes place in what I can only assume is the early 70's, I don't believe it ever said, but I might have missed it. The youngest girl, Cecelia, slits her wrists in her bathtub. It doesn't work as a method of suicide, but it does spark the hospital psychiatrist to say that the Lisbon's keep too tight of a leash on their girls, so the parent's decide to let the girls host a very chaperoned party. Cecelia jumps out of the window during the party on to a fence and dies that way. The boy (boys) telling the story are there at the party and witness the whole thing. There is a group of sort of unidentified boys who create the story. It reads a lot like a police report but with a lot more plot. I still have no idea who the narrator was, and I like it that way. The narrator never says who he is, which is interesting to me. 
So anyway, Cecelia dies and everyone goes crazier after a few more episodes. All of the girls end up killing themselves. It's all pretty morbid. I'm not really spoiling it because you find out about all of the suicides fairly early in the book. I checked the book out from the library around 1:30 pm and was finished around 9:00 pm. It's about 250 pages so I enjoyed it very much, however, if I'm being honest, it was a bit hard to begin. T

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