Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Lowland

The Lowland
Jumpa Lahiri

I had some pretty high hopes for this book, and unfortunately, it fell very short of those expectations. I'm not saying it was a bad book, it just wasn't my cup of tea. I can't pinpoint exactly why I didn't like it, I think the story just became sort of bland towards the middle. It started out very promising, it reminded me of The Kite Runner for obvious reasons. 
The story starts off telling about two brothers who are very close, but also very different. I liked it cause it reminded me of Ashleigh and me when we were younger, except neither of us was rebellious or adventurous, just were close and did everything together. Eventually they grow up and part ways, the younger brother, Udayan meets a girl and gets married. He's killed (sorry to spoil it) and then his older brother, Subhash marries her. Plot twist; the girl is pregnant. So Subhash raises the little girl, Bela, as his own. I wanted to like Subhash, I tried so hard. The boys grew up in Calcutta, by the way. Subhash got scholarships and moved to the US while his brother was back in Calcutta being a part of the Communist revolution. They move to Rhode Island and live a cute little life until the mom gets bored and leaves. She moves to California without telling her family. I can't stand this woman. Pretty much disliked everything about her. I can't say why, probably because she went against the norms, but not in a positive way. She wasn't a great person and she's a coward. Maybe you're not supposed to like her, I'm not sure. Anyway, the latter half of the book is basically the three remaining characters going about their business. Nothing too exciting happens. I'm not sure what was so great about this book, but I guess it must've been really good since it won the Pulitzer Prize. It didn't take too long to read, so I'm not complaining. I did, however, wait like three weeks to return it to the library so my fine is probably super high. So much for being lazy. 

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