Thursday, March 13, 2014


Tina Fey

I borrowed this from Marissa who read it and liked it. I liked it too, I guess. I liked most of it. I'm not the biggest Tina Fey fan. Not that I don't like her, I just don't really think much about her... good or bad. The book started out pretty good, but then it sort of fizzled out when she started talking about how amazing Alec Baldwin is. I have no problem with Alec Baldwin, I think he's great, but the book isn't about him and his acting skills. That's what the last 30 pages were about. And about all of the people that she works with currently who are amazing. 
For the first 190 or so pages, I thought that I might start to like Tina Fey. That is until she started talking about her coworkers. I think it was good because she wasn't trying to be overly funny, which I find a lot of female comedians do. It was the right amount of humor. 
I always like to know about how people were when they grew up. Funny stories from when people were in their 20's are my favorite. She had a few of those, I think they could've been a bit funnier, but what can you do. 
Overall, I liked the book. But I generally do enjoy reading a good memoir. 
I'm going to try to read the books that I have at my house because my library fine is probably outrageous and I can't afford it with all of my car issues. 

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