Sunday, December 22, 2013

Bergdorf Blondes

Bergdorf Blondes
Plum Sykes

I'm not even sure how I feel about myself after I read this book. But I'm not having many good feelings about myself. This was such a bad book. I think that the author wanted you to think that the main character, Lord, I don't even remember her name, was some kind of genius that chose to be an idiot because she liked to buy jeans for $325. She went to Princeton for goodness sake. For creative writing or some nonsense. So this girl is a staff writer for some fancy made up Conde Nast publication. 

She had all of these bad relationships with married men, and photographers, and princes of countries that aren't countries anymore. Like, come on.  THEN SHE TRIED TO OVERDOSE ON ADVIL IN PARIS. Who can be sad when they have a view of the Eiffel Tower from their bedroom window? The whole thing is very predictible and this is coming from a person who refuses to predict books and movies while they are happening because I just want to know what happens. You couldn't help but be like "Of course that's how it ends" . 
I thought it was going to be like Gossip Girl for the 20-something set. At least Gossip Girl had some substance. Those girls were smart and had something to offer other than clothes and highlights. I don't remember the books too well, but that's how the show was. Bergdof Blondes was nothing like that. 

I keep trying to find substitutes for some books. I read Valley of the Dolls a while back and I read online that this book was similar. No, it's not. It's horrible and stupid. Don't waste your time. 

I did finish it though, that always says something. 

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