Sunday, June 9, 2013

My Inappropriate Life

McDonald's book is funny, and as inappropriate as its title would suggest. (Deadline) 
My Inappropriate Life
Heather McDonald
250 pages
2,651 total pages
Book #10

Disappointment has a name and it's My Inappropriate Life. If you've read my other reviews of You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again, then you know how much I idolize Heather McDonald. Not in this book. Blue Ball was essentially my own personal memoir. The only differences were that Heather is skinny and pretty and she would date rich, older guys who drive imported cars that need to be fixed at special auto body shops. I'm not pretty or skinny and the boys I tend to date are younger, make less money than me and they share Rav 4's with their dad's. Or drive their grandpa's hand me down car's that smell like body odor. Real classy. 
Anyway, I was hoping that Heather's second book would be a lot of the same thing. Or at least be funny. There was one time that I laughed out loud during this book and that was at the very end when she quoted her father. I  can't relate to anything in this book because 1. I'm not married 2. I don't have kids 3. I don't work with Chelsea Handler and I don't idolize her and think that she is Buddha reincarnated. I don't even think that Chelsea Handler is remotely funny. Blue Balling was a lot more funny because it portrayed Heather as her own person, not Chelsea's lackey. There's nothing less attractive than a person who thinks that someone else is the Sun, the Earth and the stars. Unless that person is dating me and I am the Sun, the Earth and the stars. 
Personally, I don't care about your kids. This book brought back bad memories of all of the Tori Spelling memoirs that I read during a brief lapse in judgement. This book wasn't even inappropriate. It just made Heather look like a wannabe Real Housewife. Which might have been what she was going for. Personally, I wish that she would write more stories about blue balling hot guys because that's what I can relate to. I get that you found a husband and he's perfect and you have kids and they're adorable and you make a lot of money and you get invited to all of the Kardashian weddings. I don't, so stop gloating.

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  1. ahahahaahah this was my fav book review of yours