Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

Looking For Mr. Goodbar
Judith Rossner
390 pages
1,069 total pages
Book #3

When I finished this book last night, I had a lot to say. Now I can't really think about anything. I liked the book enough. I really like the way that Rossner sets up the plot. 
I'm going to spoil it so don't get mad at me.
The main character gets murdered in the first couple of pages and then it goes back and tells you about her life and how she ended up with the guy who killed her. 
The whole time I'm reading the book, every guy she takes home from the bar, I'm like "is that the guy". I forgot the murderers name so I had that element of suspense. 
As for the characters, I didn't like any of them except James, the put together virgin who is in love with Theresa for some reason. Theresa Dunn is the main character. She was easily likeable enough towards the beginning of her story, but once she got "depressed" in the middle I sort of lost interest and couldn't wait for her to get killed. She was mean to James which made me not understand why he "loved" her. Anyway, Theresa had absolutely not positive qualites, maybe Rossner did that on purpose so you wouldn't get attached to her. Not sure why though because 95% of the book is about her life. 
There is this one conversation that Theresa has with James that I really liked. The whole time Theresa said that she didn't care about James so one day she randomly felt like getting to know him, only when he confessed to being a virgin. She said that she was curious and he said:
So I like James. I read the book easily enough. It was all plot and none of that stupid thinking nonsense that I hate.

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