Monday, February 11, 2013

An Extraordinary Theory of Objects

An Extraordinary Theory of Objects:
A Memoir of an Outsider in Paris
Stephanie LaCava
177 pages
1,532 total pages
Book #5

I ordered this book from the library because Emma Roberts said that she was reading it. I tried to read another book that she recommended and I couldn't get through it. But this one was 177 easy pages and I enjoyed the two hours that it took me to read this book. There were pictures and A LOT of footnotes which I didn't read. I don't have the mental capacity to read footnotes mainly because I get too distracted. The footnotes were not necessary to understand the story so I didn't feel the need to read them. I read some of them, however. The footnotes were there to talk about historical facts about a word or a person that the author mentioned. 
The memoir was about a girl who was born in the United States but moved with her family to a town outside of Paris when she was 11. LaCava discussed the few years that she spent in Paris and how it affected her life thereafter. I enjoy anything that has to do with "outsiders" because I always think I'm going to find some common ground with the character. That wasn't really the case with this book. I didn't relate too much to LaCava, mostly because she was one of those people who was always told that she was "different" and then fixated on that fact and reminded you at least twice on every page. I think that's unnecessary. If you're that eccentric, it will show. You can't tell people you are something.  You just have to be yourself and other people can make up their own mind about you.
I liked the book though. I think that the cover is gorgeous. The copy of the book that I got from the library was too small for my taste. Something about the general esthetics of the book threw me off.

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