Thursday, November 1, 2012


Meg Cabot

One word: Nonsense. And I'm not saying that because of the plot. I hate books that are all romance fall in love in less than 24 hours to the point where I'd risk my life to save you. Please note, I'm going to ruin this book because I'm not going to sit here an recommend that you read it.
So it's basically this girl who writes for a soap opera, Insatiable, and she, like me, is fed up with this vampire nonsense that everyone is obsessed with. Well, what do you know, in a twist of fate, she meets a vampire when she's walking her dog in the middle of the night. Surprise, surprise, he's very attractive, intelligent and rich. They fall in love, there's a vampire killer who is tracking the vampire. Oh and what do you know, Alric, the vampire slayer falls in love with the main character, Meena, as well. Who'da thunk? Well obviously there are warring factions of vampires. The classic battle of good vs. evil, brother vs. brother. Essentially your vampire civil war. There's battle where no one on the good side dies because it's a book. The main vampire, Lucien, turns into a dragon and kills all the bad guys (of course he's a good guy) and tries to protect Meena. Alric tries to move in during the heat of battle and kiss Meena, but for some reason she just pretends like it doesn't happen. Lucien wants Meena to move to Thailand with him and run away forever, making her a vampire, oh hi Bella Swan. Meena has the wherewithal to say no and she joins the team of vampire slayers who work for the Vatican. Oh, I forgot to mention, OF COURSE Meena can predict people's deaths. She has to be special yet not special at all. Trying to be like a normal girl, but really, what normal female has a pixie cut and can read minds? Stop it, please. 
Oh and the worst part is that she doesn't end up with Alric. I generally tend to side with the Duckie-esque characters (except of course Duckie, who I hate), even though they never win in the end. While reading this I honestly thought that she and Alric would get married or whatever because of his swift and sudden decision that he was in love with her. You know, he hated her for 3/4 of the book then decided after almost a whole weekend of knowing the girl that he loved her. But, alas, they don't get together. They might because she does end up going to work with him. So I guess it's a choose your own ending kind of novel. 
If you like 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight then you'd like this book. I think it was a perfect mix of the two stories. I honestly enjoyed the plot of this book. Meg Cabot should've stretched it out into two books at least. It had a lot of interesting, accurate back story. Which I obviously liked. 
As a high schooler, I loved The Princess Diaries oh so much. And I thought this would be the same. Actually a girl at work was reading Meg Cabot books and I honestly had no idea that she wrote other than about Mia Thermopolis. I guess that my expectations were met for this book. It read quickly and well. The only reason I said "nonsense" at the beginning was because of the whack love story. Please stop making people think that they can fall madly in love in such a short time frame. Maybe you can. I don't know. Maybe it's just me.

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