Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dirty Sexy Politics

Dirty Sexy Politics
Meghan McCain

Steel yourself. I feel a long political rant filled blog post approaching. 

I've always known who Meghan McCain was, obviously, but I never thought about her. Then I randomly came across a quote of hers and then my obsession started with me trying to find out about her. And when I say obsession, it lasted about 7 hours. I now follow her on Twitter and frequent her blog. I thought that I had finally found my political idol. She seemed to be my political alter ego, feeling exactly what I felt. And I believe that she does, but this book didn't do it for me. To my political point she says in the first few pages of her book "I believe in God and the church, but I am as adamantly pro-life as I am passionate in my support of gay marriage". Oh My God, Meghan. Me too. I understand church and the concept of God and I believe in him as much as the next completely lapsed Catholic, but pro-life is like my passion. I could go on for hours and hours and hours and there is no way in the world that you could ever get me to change my mind. I'm a fairly open minded person, but have a pro-choice proponent come up to me and I'll tear you down. Anyway, not to get heated or anything. Have I finally found my Reagan? I am a semi-proud member of the Grand Old Party, but I've been sort of embarrassed to admit that as of late. Why? I believe what the party stands for but I'm also not going to sit by and have men tell me that there is a such thing as "legitimate rape". I mean, really. I shutter at the thought of someone being so ignorant. MEGHAN MCCAIN AGREES WITH ME OMG. She likes gay rights. I'm totally on board with that. Although I have to admit that my inner Rosa Parks is squealing at the thought of another era in the battle for civil rights. But that's for another day and another blog.

Okay, back to the book.
My initial reaction to the title was "what the hell is this going to be about?" I had zero background knowledge of this book and what it was supposed to be. A tell-all about famous politicians having sex? How corrupt the political world is? No. None of those. It's basically Meghan McCain paying homage to her father and, while she claims this isn't what she's doing, blaming Sarah Palin for her fathers loss in 2008. There were about 8 chapters about how Sarah was a horrible running mate and how Joe Lieberman should have been the pick. It wasn't really about that though. It was a memoir of sorts about the years, days, weeks, months and hours leading up to the 2008 presidential election. She politely blamed a lot of people for her father's short-comings, after all, he was the one running for president. He's the poster child. Maybe I'm just jealous of the idolization that she has of her parents. Only positive things come out of her mouth about John or Cindy. That could be all PR and whatnot, but it's humanizing, something that I don't get. Anyway, at least she didn't say anything about Bristol, because I love myself some Bristol Palin. Even if I'm the only one in the country. 

I liked the way she wrote her book. It was an easy read. I think it could have flowed better though. In my not so sharp mind, I had trouble following the chain of events. It's 2008 then two sentences later it's 2000 then 2004 and then before you know it, Meghan is in grade school wearing a flag themed party dress holding up hand made signs for her dad in 1996. I still like her though. She's sort of what I wished that I could be. A gorgeous mess. Her life seems put together but her emotions are all out of whack. Mine is the opposite. I've always longed to be that girl that could cry in front of people when I got stressed. And I'm sure she looked cute when she did it. Meghan McCain is beautiful. Her hair is perfect. I so badly wanted her to be my Caucasian, political Mindy Kaling. The first few thoughts I had of this book were that it was going to be funny. I'm digging the humor in this. 

I also thought that there was going to be some dirty, sexy politics. Instead it was Meghan traveling around on various tour buses hating Sarah Palin and all of her dads campaign advisers for picking Sarah. There was no sex. Not even dirt. She talked about sex twice, but she didn't have any. It wasn't juicy and she should have called the book "The Idolization of John McCain". 

I still like her though. And I'm hoping to read the other book she wrote with Michael Ian Black.

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