Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Motel Life

The Motel Life
Willy Vlautin

I was none too surprised to see that this book was turned into a movie when I was looking for the cover on Google. I honestly don't remember what it was about since I read the book a few weeks ago, and I honestly don't remember my reaction. I remember I loved the brother with half the leg. Basically it's about this half-legged brother who hits (with his car) a 16 year old boy who's riding his bike in the middle of the night and kills him. It's a hit and run. Then the half-leg guy feels so badly about it that he stabs himself in the leg and ends up in the hospital. This is only after he and his brother, the narrator, decide to skip town in some beat up old car.
The thing that gets me about this book is somehow they always had money for beer. Literally they were drunk 100% of the book and they probably bought beer about 42 times. They had about $1,000 dollars or something and they bought an $800 car. There is always money for beer for the starving artiste I guess.
Dakota Fanning will be playing the daughter of a prostitute. That is the only surprising thing about the whole ordeal.
Go ahead and read this if you have three random hours and feel like reading a book about nothing really. But honestly, it was an okay book.

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