Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Notebook

The Notebook
Nicholas Sparks

I had the urge to read this book because I was feeling sort of sentimental about the movie. I loved the movie (hated it the first time I saw it though) and every time freshman year when my dorm neighbor and I needed a little cry, we'd slip in the Notebook and have it. I thought, then, I would have some emotion when I read the book. I was wrong. The theory that movies are never as good as the books has been proven wrong. Extremely wrong.
Not that the book was bad, it just didn't live up to the movie that was based upon it....It feels strange to type that poorly written sentence. Movies are never supposed to live up to the book. Today at the library when I was checking it out, the libriaian was gushing about how much she loved this book and how amazing and sad it was. She lied. Thanks, old lady. Some of the comments about the book in the back are "Simply beautiful- I cried and cried", "Beautiful love story. What a tearjerker", "The story hit so close to home for me" and my ultimate favorite" OMG no way!" but the exclamation point had a heart instead of a dot.
I didn't feel like this when I read it. The whole time I was wondering when the whole love scene at the dock was going to take never did. Or the best scene at the fair when Noah climbs up the Ferris Wheel. Never happens. Okay, the movie is better than the book, by far. And there is no old people sex in the movie. No one wants that...not even old people.

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