Monday, March 21, 2011


Vladimir Nabokov

If you've ever read a more poetic book, I'd like to meet you. This book was so beautifully written I wanted to cry. His use of words, and I'm not even aware of this kind of thing, was so thoughtful, so brilliant. I guess that maybe other authors write like this, but he adds a touch of raw beauty to a point where you don't even notice that he's a full grown man doing the deed with a minor. Clearly those are only trivial details. I could be the only one who is in awe of this mans words, I doubt it, but it's possible.

The plot wasn't too original, but nothing ever is. Maybe it was just me, but I felt absolutely no anger towards Humbert Humbert while he was basically raping young Dolores Haze. I hated Lolita. Are you supposed to like her? For some reason I don't blame HH for his actions, when he is fully responsible. But then, this isn't a trial, it's a novel. You're supposed to like the protagonist. We have to have their backs, yes?

I thought Dolly's mother was a bit much. And her death seemed a little insignificant, even though it probably was extremely important to the plot line. The way she died was just wrong. It should have seemed contrived, and now that I finished the book and a week and a half later, I realize that it probably was. Humbert Humbert (which isn't his real name. I know...right?) is a strange fellow but I felt like *spoiler* marrying Lolita's mother was a little much. She just had a lot of drama, Charlotte Haze, I mean. I shouldn't have written all of this because I guess that part of the plot was sort of necessary. He could have just kidnapped little Lolita though.

The end was a shock. The whole thing was a shock to someone who read the first 65% of the book and then stopped and picked it up 3 years later. I have to say that I'm glad I did this though because there were so many parts of the book and little details that I missed the first time through and I liked the book when I started reading it all those years ago, but I wasn't in awe of it, of his writing style and technique. Now I am that I had the chance to reread it and get a better understanding of the plot. When I wasn't so focused on what was happening I was able to bathe in the words. That's really what it felt like, honestly. So relaxing.

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