Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fight Club

Fight Club
Chuck Palahniuk

I was expecting a lot out of this book because I always hear how amazing the movie is. I know that I've seen two or three minutes of the movie, so I had the characters all planned out in my head. I hate knowing anything at all about a book before I start reading it, so maybe I just had Fight Club so hyped up that I thought I would love this book.

Maybe it's me, not you, Fight Club. I think if I read this book two years ago it would be one of my favorite books of all time. But now that I'm in a different mind-set, this book seems just so over the top. It made me feel really uncomfortable but not in a good way. It was too dark, yet not dark enough. If I knew someone who lived on Paper Street, I would never ever go over to their house. I think the whole thing was too much. I don't even have words, because it was just too much.
So I might be the only human being to ever say this: but I don't think that it was very creative and imaginative. You could figure out the book 20 pages into it. I hate that. Possibly I didn't understand the plot, maybe I missed something. I'll just watch the movie I guess...

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