Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You'll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again

You'll Never Blue Ball in this Town Again
Heather Mcdonald

I would have to say that this is the funniest book I've ever read. Hands down. I'm not sure why I loved it so much. Could it possibly be just that Heather McDonald is hilarious or is it that this book makes me feel so much better about my life, because it is basically my life? I never thought that anyone else felt the way that I do and now I know I'm not alone. Of course, her life is ten million times more exciting than mine, obviously, she has a book deal and I don't. Even still, I love every minute of this book.
We aren't only the same in our lifestyle choices, but we hate when people are late and we have THE SAME philosophy: she went over to this guy's house and she left extra early so she wouldn't be late. "Yes, Fred, I thought, because, you see I'm a freak and I left a little after four to get here by 6. I am always on time. People are either always on time, 15 minutes late, or hours late. There is no in-between. I guess I am always afraid of missing something when I socialize. Everyone knows the seven layer bean dip is the first thing to be devoured. I also never want to inconvenience someone, when you're late, you do that."
Heather McDonald is basically my new hero. Forget Holden Caulfield, I love this girl. Her life ended up being everything I want. I am, of course, no where near the dating enthusiast that she is, so my life will never turn out like hers.
So, thank you, Jamie, for showing me this book. I put it on my list at the library this summer when you showed me that you read it, and it JUST got here. Thanks, Allegheny County Public Library.

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