Sunday, November 14, 2010


Tori Spelling

I never really had anything against Tori Spelling until I read this book. Well, even after reading this book I have no feelings towards her. She is what she is. Does she have fans? I'm not sure. The only time I watched Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood I wasn't amused and I turned off the TV in about two minutes. I honestly couldn't take her whining. All she does is whine about Dean and whine about how much of a celebrity she is. I never see her in the paper all that much. Is she famous? I'm really not sure.
Her entire book was stupid stories about her children, mainly Liam, and how he poops and thinks that his mother is the most famous human being on the planet. She is so concerned with her own celebrity it's insane. Was she ever famous? I'm not sure. I wasn't watching 90210 in the 90's I was watching Power Rangers and Barney, so I'm really not sure of her role in social culture. I wasn't aware that she was a paparazzi stalked as she claims. But back to what I said in the first sentence, it's a lot of Liam poop stories. I like poop as much as the next freak, but it was honestly too much.
I'm sure I would have found this book a lot more appealing if I had children or I knew anything about Tori Spelling's life other than the fact that her father was Aaron Spelling. That was basically my background going in to this book. Eventually I'm going to read her first book because I think it was before she had children so I don't have to read these mundane stories about how she walked into a Halloween party for her son as the only parent dressed up as a slutty bee, or the only parent with a costume for that matter.

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