Monday, November 15, 2010

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang

Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang
Chelsea Handler

I've never really been able to call myself a fan of Chelsea Handler's, but I do find her books to be finish-able, which is obviously a good quality in a book. Though I might have had a few laughs at her two previous books, My Horizontal Life and Are You There, Vodka. It's Me, Chelsea, her newest book really didn't even have me chuckle.
It's main selling point was the fact that I was able to read it in less than two days and that includes sleeping, working and soundlessly watching Jamie on Video Chat for a few hours (that sounds creepier than it really is). As you know, I love any book that I can read in a day or two, and usually those are my favorite kind of books.
Aside from the numerous typos throughout the book, I really wish that Chelsea Handler would come up with a different set-up for her books. I like the way that each chapter is a story, but these stories suck and I think there comes a time when you need to write yourself a novel. Take Augusten Burroughs. He wrote Running with Scissors and Sellevision (which were fiction-esque novels, even though Running was a memoir, it didn't always seem like one) as well as penning several Chelsea-Handler type memoirs, all of which I read. I think my problem was that eventually I got bored with the same old-same old and had trouble finishing his memoirs. That's what's happening with Chelsea.
I think you should read this if you like Chelsea Handler or you haven't read any of her other books and would like to start off with something not very funny. I wouldn't want you to get your hopes up if you started with either of her other two books and then got to Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang and thought it was stupid. I honestly feel that Chelsea Handler thinks that she's so funny she can just say anything and people will laugh. Unfortunately this is not the case.

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